About not so funny programming jokes

Please throw this back at me whenever I start a rant about a framework or language. 🙂

Every now and then I see a joke about basically any technology that managed to be somewhat popular and I'm like - oh boy, here it comes again.

Full comic strip: https://imgur.com/mCX48bp

Imagine a doctor saying: "Oh, damn, this tool tricked me again! I though it will clear your tooth from mess but it's just making holes. Damn thing, they should have painted it red, lazy manufacturers..."

Would you go visit this doctor again? Or would you run away in terror (or in search for a lawyer). It really feels the same to me in software development as it's somehow acceptable to know our tools just enough to get a project done.

I'm not saying we should use every single library only after reading their reference first. But when our expectations fail we should go back to where our careers started: Learning how our tools work instead of blaming them. Programming with our intuition and using concepts we already know is great but it can go only that far.

Basically every time I had those strong feelings (and comments :]) about some technology I have found out later that I just didn't know enough. All while my more experienced coworkers did imaginary facepalms for sure.

It's way more interesting to find out how things actually work and when to [not] use them. Follow that I'm sure it will go a long way for your career. I cannot emphasize enough how rewarding is getting through issues some people would cast aside as unpredictable magic. The reality is - those technologies we use every day are popular for a reason and they will stuck with us for quite some time - better to learn them now.

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